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2018 Company Presentation

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1 2018 Company Presentation August 24 th 2018, San Salvador, El Salvador JinkoSolar Co., Ltd.

2 Global Presence 8 31 Global factories Subsidiaries/offices 80 + Countries with customers Employees 8 GW Capacity 26 GW Delivered 2

3 Jinko Solar Presence in Latam Region 3

4 Technology 4

5 R&D Key Figures R&D Expenditure: 42.3M USD (2017 est.) R&D Team: 227 members Inventions: 381 Patent 1 st Filing:729 Research Partnerships with 12 Leading Universities, including Tsinghua University & UNSW, 5

6 Catálogo de Módulos Diversificado PV MODULES Dual-glass Glass-Backsheet Bifacial Mono-facial Mono-facial P-type N-type P-type P-type Mono HC Mono PERC/ PERC HC Poly/ Poly HC Mono/ Mono HC Mono/ Mono HC Poly/ Poly HC 6

7 Producción Verticalmente Integrada Garantía de calidad a lo largo de toda la cadena de valor Gestión ideal de la cadena de suministro con componentes de primera clase. Estructura de costos optimizada 7

8 New Products Cheetah 8

9 MODULOS Bifaciales 9


11 Ganancia Posterior (%GP) Pintura Blanca Arena Cemento Pasto Agua BIFACIAL GAIN 17%-19% E tot = E front 1 + %GP 7%-9% 6%-7% 6%-7% 4%-5% Albedo 80%-85% 22%-25% 30%-33% 10%-20% 2%-5% Detalles de la Prueba: Ubicación: Jinko Haining,NL30.32,EL Inclinación:30,Latitud del sitio (min. 30 ). Altura:1.2m. Potencia del arreglo:1.5 kwp. Albedo: medido verticalmente. Nota: Debido a la alta reflexión difusa de la arena, la medición el Albedo es menor que en cemento, pero la producción es mas elevada. 11

12 Bifacial Eficiencia Módulo a 18.35% Temp. Coeff. -0.4% Degradación 3% 1styr/ 0.5% 2-30 yr Bifacial Factor 0.7 P Empaque 660 mod./contenedor Peso 28.5 kg Dimensiones 1978 x 992 x 6 mm Vidrio antireflejante/ Templado de alta transparencia 12







19 REDUCCIÓN PÉRDIDAS POR TEMPERATURA Av. Temp. of Module: 40.1 Ave. Temp. of Module: 38.7 Coeficiente de temperatura: Half Cell % Fuel Cell 0.4% 19

20 MEJORA DE PRODUCCIÓN ENERGÉTICA Cloudy Sunny Cloudy Rainy Cloudy Overcast Overcast Overcast Cloudy HC Output/W FC Output/W Ave of HC Ave of FC ~4% mas Energía 20

21 The New Cheetah 21

22 JinkoSolar Cheetah The New Cheetah 380W / 385W / 390W / 395W / 400W (18.89% / 19.14% / 19.38% / 19.63% / 19.88%) Cheetah Mono PERC Module Efficiency

23 Cheetah: Introduction Industry leading cell tech. (158.75mmx158.75mm) Full-Cell Half-Cell Avg. 8Wp power up compared to mm Mono PERC Avg. 7Wp power up compared to Cheetah full-cell Less heat loss Less BOS cost

24 Cheetah: Introduction Cell and Module Size Product Type Cell Type Cell Dimen. No. of Cells Module Dimen. Mono PERC 72 Mono PERC x mm x992 x40mm Cheetah 72 Mono PERC x mm x1002 x40mm Cheetah HC 72 Mono PERC x mm x1002 x40mm Cell:length and width increase 2mm respectively. Module:Cheetah length and width increase 23mm and 10mm respectively with average 8Wp power up. Cheetah HC length and width increase 52mm and 10mm respectively with average 15Wp power up.

25 Benefits of JinkoSolar Cheetah 1. Higher Power and Module Efficiency * The capacity of a solar power system with 20 module (60 Cells) 6.6kW Cheetah 330Wp 5.7kW Mono 285Wp 6.1kW Mono PERC 305Wp The power output of Cheetah reaches 330Wp this year which is a great solution for home owners who want to get more electricity from their roof or save roof space for future system expansion.

26 Benefits of JinkoSolar Cheetah 1. Higher Power and Module Efficiency 20panels Approx.34m 2 Weight.380kg 22panels Approx.36m 2 Weight.418kg 23panels Approx.38m 2 Weight.437kg Approx.35m 2 Cheetah 330Wp Mono PERC 305Wp Mono 285Wp * Avoid shaded areas or difficult roof configurations with less modules using the Cheetah To achieve same installed capacity, Cheetah HC will need less module numbers, roof area and weight. The shadow of trees and chimneys can reduce electricity output severely. Half cell technology can improve power output and reduce hotspot by less power loss.

27 Benefits of JinkoSolar Cheetah 2. Lower BOS, Lower LCOE and Higher IRR With Eagle Mono PERC 72p *Example : North America - 100MW Project With Cheetah HC 72p Module Numbers Saving 6.2% Less Mounting & Labor Mono PERC 375Wp Cheetah 390Wp Cheetah HC 400Wp No. of Module 266, , ,016 No. of 40 Container Plant Area 1,861,185 m 2 1,828,804 m 2 1,809,316 m 2 Area Increment % -2.79% Length of Steel Structure km km km Steel Structure Increment % -5.31%

28 Quality 28

29 Excellent Manufacturing Intelligent Quality Management Efficient Progress Automated Production State-of-art Facilities

30 Service 30

31 Pre and Post Sales Service Fast response: 70 countries served 24 subsidiaries with in-house technical service team HQ technical support Professional Service: Trained technical engineers Product related information Training, trouble shooting, consultancy and other technical services Tailor made solutions Reliable Service: Dedicated staff Ongoing improvement of claim management Ongoing improvement of quality Openness: Friendly attitude Caring about customer experience Satisfaction survey

32 Customers 32

33 References 33

34 Thank You! 34